Draco makes music to heal

Those who know a little about Draco Rosa’s musical trajectory – formerly Robi Draco Rosa – will know that his style can be anything imaginable, but never predictable.

For his new album he already had something planned, and he had even recorded a song called “I want to live”, where there were guitars and drums. But the pandemic arrived and that altered not only the album’s production plan, but the style of its songs.

In an interview with Zoom, Draco spoke from Puerto Rico, where he returned three years ago, about “Sound Healing 1: 11–, an album that inspired the peace and balance that the artist sought in his life.

“Yes there was a transformation,” he said. “The sound changed because of the pandemic.

Draco had already hired dozens of musicians from around the world to work with him on his new album, but plans changed drastically when the pandemic appeared. Then the artist secluded himself in his farm, called Monte Sagrado, and began to learn to play the musical instruments that he had bought long ago at a convention in California.

Turns out those instruments were for the yoga retreats Draco had planned on his estate. He did not want to continue going to other places to practice this activity and rather wanted his home to be a meeting place for his community of yogists.

“I went to analog,” he said. “When I was left alone [durante la pandemia] I said, ‘what do I do?’, and that’s when I discovered how to use these new instruments ”.

It consisted of hand drums, gongs, the continuum and other “toys”, as he calls them. At this moment he was when he received a message from Sadhguru, a popular mystic from India who sought him out to propose a collaboration. It was then that the direction of the new sound of “Sounds of Healing” definitely changed.

Draco began this path to healing through yoga from the cancer he suffered a few years ago. The judgment of the doctors was that after the difficult treatment he would have to take medicine for the rest of his life.

“I have not been taking the strong medications since October of last year,” he said. “I think it has to do with moving to Puerto Rico, with being close to nature and that kind of thing.”

Now he just hopes that this material will serve as a cure for other people, because Draco produced it with that intention.

“It is a contribution to humanity, that the end of the day is the feeling I have,” he said. “I feel like this is my number one contribution.”