Dragon Ball Super Hero announces its first international release

Dragon Ball Super has a lot of work to do in 2022 and fans are ready to see what it can do. The franchise of anime He has all kinds of plans to watch from video game updates to manga releases.

Of course, there’s also the return of the anime to consider, and fans have been told about it. first international release of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero. As you may have heard, the film will be released in Japan this April 2022.

Fans were eager to find out when the movie would head overseas, and it seems we know that one of those releases will take place in June. Previously in AmericanPost.News We share that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero confirms Gohan and Piccolo as protagonists.

When is Dragon Ball Super Hero coming out of Japan?

Images: Toei Animation

Theaters in Thailand will screen Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero starting June 2, and tickets are on sale now through Major Cineplex. Sadly, this is the only international release that fans are aware of at the moment.

Dragon Ball Super has been silent about its move to the United States, England or Latin America. In fact, all of North America and Europe are waiting for a release update.

For now, we can only wait and see what happens, but fans believe the movie will debut in time for the summer. Of course, Super Hero marks the second time the anime has hit theaters. The show made its first jump in December 2018 with Broly in tow.

Now, this new movie will attract a new villain, and he is none other than the Red Ribbon Army. It turns out that the organization is thriving despite its defeat at the hands of Goku long ago.

The group is ready for revenge, but the heroes of Earth will be ready to remind the army who is the boss once again. We remember that we already know what Dende, Bulma and more characters look like in Dragon Ball Super Hero.

What happened to Dragon Ball Super?

The Dragon Ball Super anime is available to watch on Crunchyroll. However, he hasn’t had any new episodes since the Tournament of Power Arc. The series continues from its manga pages illustrated by Toyotaro and supervised by Akira toriyama. What do you think of this latest Dragon Ball Super Hero update?

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