Dragon Ball Super’s Toyotaro reveals his favorite form of Goku

Toyotaro has been the main artist in the sleeve from Dragon ball super Throughout Granola The Survivor Arc and the mangaka has had no qualms about answering questions from fans when it comes to the lives of Goku, Vegeta, and the other Z Fighters.

During the last talk, Toyotaro was asked which of the goku transformations was his favorite, giving a detailed answer on which form of the Saiyan warrior has become his favorite as a fan of the franchise and as an artist. AmericanPost.News He shares the details with you below.

In the latest interview for the official Dragon Ball website, Toyotaro wavered between Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan Blue, aka Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, when it came to what his favorite Son Goku transformation really was.

What form of Goku is Toyotaro’s favorite?

Goku’s transformations in Dragon Ball

Toyotaro chose Goku Super Saiyan Blue as his favorite form to draw and commented the following: “If we include the new story, then I think it would be the strongest form of Goku, the Ultra Instinct with silver hair, basically the version without black hair.”

Toyotaro added: “I suppose the coolest shape will generally be the strongest, but to be honest, the shape you can draw the most expressively is blue.”

“In a way, SSJ Blue is more fun to draw, I guess? Ultra Instinct is the most powerful form, so there aren’t many scenes of him with vivid expressions or fighting in a fight. Being the strongest form makes it difficult to draw ”.

“In order for him to use Ultra Instinct, Goku must be calm and stable, so even in the heat of battle, his expressions cannot be too dramatic. So if you ask me which shape I have the most fun drawing, it would have to be Goku Super Saiyan Blue. “

“Having said that, the most powerful form is without a doubt the coolest. So Ultra Instinct is probably my favorite, ”Toyotaro commented. Therefore, in terms of his favorite form of Goku (for his power) is Ultra Instinct. Before we reported which actors give voice to Goku from the anime Dragon Ball.

Secrets of Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super

Toyotaro detailed how Ultra Instinct could be linked to the power of angels and how the Vegeta’s Ultra Ego Not just to reflect Goku’s new transformation, but to make him look much more like a God of Destruction, paying homage to his training with Beerus. You can catch up on the Dragon Ball Super manga in MANGA Plus.

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