Drake Bell breaks the silence before accusations of sexual abuse of a minor: “I didn’t do anything she says”

Drake Bell.

Photo: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

In the middle of 2021, Drake Bell was sentenced to two years probation and 200 hours of community service, after an underage fan accused him of sexual abuse.

Almost a year after the accusations, the singer and actor has spoken for the first time about the controversial process.

“I was very stupid and irresponsible. Fans contact you on Instagram, but there was a girl I chatted with and I didn’t pay attention to her age.”

Drake Bell

“When talking to her, he became obsessed and chen I found out his age I cut off communicationI blocked her and that bothered her, “Drake expressed to the Mexican show program ‘Ventaneando’.

At that time, the interpreter He pleaded guilty to having flirted with a minor, but not to having abused her. For this reason, according to what he said, the expert studies proved him right.

“No, of course I didn’t do anything she says and fortunately the forensic evidence proved it, “said the singer. And he added: “I would have been in trouble anyway for my irresponsible act of not knowing what I should have known, we would have had the same result, but it would have been in the press, it would have been like the Depp trial. Everyone looking at it under the microscope. I just found out my wife was pregnant.

According to Bell, the young woman also “invented things that never happened” and even threatened his wife Janet Von Schmeling.

“He came to concerts, yes, but you meet fans and there are five-second hugs and kisses and autographs, but there was never any ‘extracurricular’ activity, you know?” Bell said.

Drake He also clarified the rumors that claimed that he had entered an alleged list of abusersas some US media claimed.

Some reports said that in California they were going to put me on the rapist registry and none of that was true. I just got back from Europe, I’m in Mexico all the time, and if any of the accusations against me were real, I wouldn’t be sitting here. Literally the crime was distributing pitiful songs to young people, basically it was like flirting with a girl who didn’t know she was underage. That was it,” she claimed.

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