Drake Bell’s sudden disappearance: the actor was last seen near Mainland High School in Daytona Beach

"Drake & Josh" star's mysterious absence raises concerns; Daytona Beach police seek public's help to locate him.

Drake Bell, American actor and singer was reported missing by the Daytona Beach (Florida) Police Department on Thursday morning, April 13, and the search warrant issued by the authorities states that the “Drake & Josh” star could be in danger, which has caused deep concern among fans of the 36-year-old actor.

The Daytona Beach police blotter states that Jared Bell, as the actor is called, was last seen in the vicinity of Mainland High School on Wednesday night, April 12, and the actor was known to be riding in a gray BMW model 2022.

“Officers are searching for Jared Bell, DOB June 27, 1986. He should be traveling aboard a gray BMW model 2022, and his last known location is potentially the Mainland High School area on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, just before 21:00 hours. He is considered missing and at risk,” reads the brief statement in which a photograph of the famous musician was attached.

In addition to the search for Drake Bell, the Daytona Beach Police Department made available the number 386 671 5207 and the email [email protected], where any information can be sent to help find the whereabouts of the actor.

It is worth mentioning that Drake Bell made his last publication on social networks on April 3 on his official Twitter profile. In that post, he promoted Roberto Martinez’s podcast, “Creativo,” in which he participated. However, since then, he has not been seen, so this fact caused the concern among his fans to become major.

Drake Bell, between fame, scandals, and addictions

Drake Bell‘s acting career began in 2000. However, it took four years for his fame to explode worldwide thanks to the iconic Nickelodeon series “Drake & Josh,” where he shared credits with Josh Peck, with whom he had several disagreements, and at the end of that production Jared Bell, as the histrion is called, decided to venture into music so he kept his fame combining both facets.

Drake Bell has a solid fan base in Mexico. Photo: Special
Drake Bell has a solid fan base in Mexico. Photo: Special

Around 2015 Drake Bell began to be involved in different controversies derived from the consumption of alcohol and other drugs that even led him to be arrested on several occasions. In 2021, it was uncovered that he had been married since 2018 and that he had a son with his now ex-wife Janet Von Schemeling, who took the determination to divorce the actor when some photographs were leaked in which the musician appeared inhaling some balloon substance while aboard his car, in which, his son was also traveling.

A couple of years ago, the actor was also involved in a legal problem related to child molestation. It is known that the actor has been trying to rehabilitate himself from his addiction problem, and since a few months ago, he has been preparing to release his next album.