Dressed as sexy Sailor Moon, Paris Hilton is the best of Halloween

The beautiful Paris Hilton is taking the networks by storm with her Sailor Moon costume with her handsome husband.

Halloween is closer than ever, and several celebrities have already started to show off their best costumes this year. One of them is the beautiful Paris Hilton, who surprised everyone with a sexy outfit next to her husband.

It turns out that Paris Hilton shared several photos showing her first costume this Halloween 2022 on Instagram, where she accumulated more than 20.7 million followers.

“Dressed up as my childhood idol,” wrote in the same publication, the beautiful singer, DJ, and actress Paris Hilton also boasted the elegance of her husband. The latter accompanied her to an elegant Halloween party.

Paris Hilton and her sexy Halloween costume

As we can see on her social media, the socialite has chosen to dress up as Usagi Tsukino, the protagonist of the famous Japanese animated series Sailor Moon (based on the manga of the same name by Naoko Takeuchi).

In fact, this series from the 90s, considered one of the most iconic of all time, was also broadcast in Spain, and many people are still fond of it.

Paris’ look is, without a doubt, very similar to Bunny’s (as the main character was known in Spain). However, the businesswoman wears an outfit designed by Bryan Hearns from Los Angeles, which is barer than the original.

The husband of Paris was not far behind

Paris Hilton and her husband dressed up

Among the photos shared by the talented Paris Hilton, there is also Carter Reum, husband of the celebrity. He wears black pants, an elegant white shirt, a cape, a mask, and a tall top hat, which seems to be the costume of Darien Chiba, the fictional character in the manga and anime series Sailor Moon.

It is not for less than the beautiful Paris Hilton won not only the looks but also more than half a million reactions on her Instagram post and comments where they flatter her beauty and a good choice for Halloween.