Driver of Today tries to make a living selling meat and eggs in networks

Who wants to get ahead despite the difficult economic situation in the country is a host of the Hoy program who not only appears in the morning you have to from time to time, it is about Moses Munoz, who is in charge of selling food products on social networks to survive.

For those who do not fully know Moisés Muñoz, he is a former Mexican athlete who was a goalkeeper in the Monarcas de Morelia soccer team, but now he has also dedicated part of his life to being a sports commentator, but not only that, he also recently entered sell products such as meat and eggs, including Galilea Montijo has been in charge of publicity.

And it is that this celebrity is not the only one who has tried to find sources of income that is not only through television because Violeta Isfel and Nailea Norvind have also sold homemade products to get ahead something that their true fans admire too much.

Returning with Moisés Muñoz on social networks, he has just over 300,000 followers and has become a very popular character among young people, since he also gets into jokes because when he makes bets on a match, the athlete does not mess around with games Well, it does what it says, something that has given it tremendous popularity.

As if that were not enough, the actor has also been part of some competitions, such as in the case of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, where he showed a lot of rhythm alongside Marisol González, with whom he had great chemistry and the public adored them.

The driver asked for the help of Galilea Montijo for his advertising / Instagram

“You are an inspiration! You have won the hearts of my whole family! You really are such a wonderful human being!”, “What a pleasant surprise to see that you dance very well, you really want to and that shows in the choreo, very well “, wrote his fans.

It is worth mentioning that this character, in addition to being talented, is one of the most beloved on the Hoy program because his co-workers appreciate him very much, especially Raúl Araiza, who has known him for several years and that is seen when they are on the air.

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