Drivers of “Venga la Alegría” will leave the program for “Survivor México”

It was announced that Tv Azteca is preparing a new season of “Survivor Mexico”, so the names of the next participantsamong which the name of two hosts of Venga la Alegría stand out.

The recordings of “Survivor México” are expected to begin in March, when the season of Exatlón México ends, as announced by Sandra Smester, general director of content for Tv Azteca.

Although the participants have not yet been confirmed, it is believed that “El Capi” Pérez and “La Bebeshita” could be part of the project.

Survivor Mexico members

“El Capi” Pérez could be part of “Survivor” “La Bebeshita” is one of the possible participants in the survival reality show on Tv Azteca

The next TV Azteca program seeks to bring together celebrities who will make the season one of the viewers’ favorites.

Therefore, among the participants who could be part of the project, the name of the host “El Capi” Pérez stands out, who is one of the most beloved and popular of Tv Azteca, in addition to having two programs, “Venga la Alegría” and “The Solana”.

Therefore, the possibility that the driver is part of the third season of “Survivor Mexico” is very great, since it would help the reality rating.

Let us remember that the project tests the survival of the competitors, who compete to benefit and immunity in the competition.

Survivor Mexico 2022

“La Bebeshita” is one of the possible participants of the survival reality show on Tv Azteca

At AmericanPost.News we have let you know that it has even been rumored that Macky González will be in the new season of ‘Survivor México’, after his departure from Exatlón México.

Similarly, among other possible participants is “La Bebeshita”, who is part of “Venga la Alegría Fin de Semana” and who has managed to position herself as one of the most beloved figures of the television station.

However, it is known that “La Bebeshita” will be part of the new cooking reality show “MasterChef Junior”, which opens in a few days.

Among other possible participants from “Survivor Mexico” are David Juárez “The Beast” finalist of Exatlón México and the host, Vanessa Claudio, however Tv Azteca has not confirmed the names.

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