Drunk driver kills pregnant Hispanic woman by crashing into her vehicle in Arizona

The woman’s husband said he will carry on her legacy of helping those who need it most.

Photo: Free Stocks / Pixabay

Hispanic nurse lost her life after a drunk driver who was driving at excessive speed and without respecting the traffic signals, crashed into the car of the woman who was also expecting her third child.

The Phoenix police issued a report regarding the accident in which the Latina mother died and detailed that Karen García Rodríguez, was traveling on Highway 93 on her way to Kingman to go to work.

Detectives say a suspected A drunk driver who was speeding hit Garcia Rodriguez’s car with great force head-on. Paramedics arrived at the scene to help the victims and, seeing that she was pregnant, she was rushed to the hospital.

After attempts by rescue the 32-year-old mother and baby, both were pronounced dead by the clinic’s doctors, completely devastating the entire family.

“I will always remember his selflessness, his strength and his willingness to support anyone in need”moved, husband Mazi Mowzoon told KOLD News.

Likewise, Mowzoon shared that his wife leaves two orphaned children and in honor of her will continue her legacy. “She was a dreamer who came to the United States from Mexico as a child and pursued a career in nursing,” she added.

Mr Mowzonn explained that his wife began advocating for other undocumented immigrants like her and now his greatest wish is for people to know that his mission was to help people who think they can’t do it, because there is always a great opportunity.

Mowzoon appreciated the outpouring of support from the community: “That really fills me with joy and seeing people from different professions sending messages is really amazing,” said Mowzoon.

The widower recalled that in 2020, Arizona’s Family magazine interviewed his wife about fighting for DACA protections while working as a frontline nurse.

“Given any chance, I will always risk my life to help others.” Garcia Rodriguez said at the time.

The family created a profile on the GoFundMe page to help with funeral expenses for Karen and her baby who did not have the opportunity to see the light. They have raised nearly $38,000 so far.

The Department of Public Safety said it is sending criminal charges by the driver to the Yavapai County Prosecutor’s Office, to bring the full force of the law to bear on the man who killed them.

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