Dua Lipa drives her fans crazy by showing off at CDMX with Jacquemus

Dua Lipa is a famous singer who will perform on September 21 at Foro Sol, in Mexico City, and everything seems to indicate that it is not the only surprise she will have for her fans, because this afternoon she ate in Colonia Roma, with his inseparable friend and designer, Jacquemus.

It must be remembered that the British singer has already appeared in Chile, Argentina and Colombia, where showed off his fluent Spanish. Yesterday he arrived to stay in Mexico City and today, as he has already done in another visit to the city, he went out to explore and get to know some spots around.

That is why the singer Dua Lipa was seen today signing autographs and also taking photos with her fans, just as she did last July 2021, while touring the Quetzalcóatl Nest, in Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

Dua Lipa is already in CDMX

Dua Lipa in CDMX Dua Lipa and her friends

It seems that this time the British did not choose to eat tacos al pastor, but to visit a seafood restaurant. But her surprise is not to see her enjoying Mexican cuisine, but with whom she is sharing a table, it is the French fashion designer Jacquemus.

So far it is unknown why the designer accompanies her on her visit to Mexico, what has become clear to us is that it is a great friendship, because it is seen that they have had a great time.

If we remember, on August 27, Jacquemus married Marco Maestri and Dua was one of the guests at the wedding, where all eyes were stolen.

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Dua and Jacques

Dua Lipa and her friends

It was the stylist Laura Vandall who shared the meeting through her Instagram stories, but then both Jacquemus and Dua Lipa uploaded various photos where they look together and very comfortable.

In them you can see Dua and the designer having a good time, even the newlywed sang the song “Laura is not there”.

It should be noted that Dua Lipa will give two shows in our country, one tomorrow in Mexico City, and next Friday the 23rd in Monterrey. It will be here where he ends his time in Latin American countries.

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