Dua Lipa fans attack Ticketmaster for failure during ticket sales

As we previously informed you in AmericanPost.News, singer Dua Lipa would give his first concerts in Mexico, so all his fans wanted a ticket for the macro concerts, which would be in the Mexico City and Monterrey.

Ticket sales began this December 15, and more than 100 thousand people they were waiting to find a ticket to see the concert belonging to the Future Nostalgia tour.

However, although we gave you all the details of the Dua Lipa Concert in Mexico, tickets, price and more, for some it was not enough to have the money, and the intention, since the demand was so great that the tickets were sold out in minutes.

Dua Lipa fans lash out at Ticketmaster

Dua Lipa filled both concerts in Mexico

Through Twitter, the word Ticketmaster, the ticket platform became a trend, after the pre-sale was opened, since the page went down several times, and the servers were stuck, which caused the annoyance of thousands of fans, who did not They were able to find an available ticket.

“Come on ticketmaster let me pay my ticket to see Dua Lipa, God I don’t want to be your best warrior anymore, I just want to see Dua Lipa live”, were some of the comments from the followers.

When does Dua Lipa arrive?

The interpreter will be performing concerts in Mexico and Monterrey next September, the singer who just debuted on the Versace catwalk will be on the 20th and 21st of that month in 2022.

The announcement came a few weeks ago, and since then, thousands of fans raised their hands to enjoy the concert of the interpreter of “Don’t Start Now”.

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