Dua Lipa How can you talk to her on Friday, September 23?

Dua Lipa in Mexico has caused a whole hurricane of emotionssince it has led to a large number of events around the pop singer, who is one of the most famous of the moment in the world.

It turns out that with just 27 years old and the success achieved to climb to the top of music, Dua Lipa arrived in Mexico and he walked around the city, met his followers, took selfies with them or went into stores to buy things.

It seems that Dua Lipa likes to keep in constant contact with her fans, find out their opinion about her career and tell them what will come in her future in the music industry or what her tastes are when she is not on stage. .

Dua Lipa will speak with her fans

Dua Lipa will speak with her fans

It has been highlighted that Dua Lipa will be present on her first Twitter Space this Friday, September 23, where she will connect with her fans from all over the planet.

On this occasion, the singer of Kosovar Albanian origin will attend her followers this Friday, September 23 at 12 noon. For this to happen and for thousands of her fans to be able to access her, it must be said that her link with the singer will be when she has her first Twitter Space.

In this event, the famous British singer will answer live questions from those who connect with her and there she will take the opportunity to talk about everything they want to know about the second season of her podcast “Dua Lipa: At Your Service.”

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How to join the live?

To begin with, Twitter Space will be in English, so you can take this into account when enjoying it. Next, you should know these data:

  • When: Friday, September 23, at 12 pm
  • Where: Only on Twitter
  • What’s Happening: Dua Lipa will have her first Twitter Space where, along with Service95, her weekly lifestyle newsletter, they’ll talk about the next season of her podcast, “Dua Lipa: At Your Service,” and answer questions from her fans live .

It should be noted that you only have to follow @Service95 and @DUALIPA and define the reminder to receive a notification when the Space is live. To ask a question, reply to this Tweet using the hashtag #AskDuaLipa.

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