Dua Lipa reveals some of her habits to show off a statuesque figure

Dua Lipa.

Photo: JC Olivera/Getty Images

In addition to establishing herself as one of the most fashionable pop stars of the moment, thanks to the danceable singles that she has not stopped promoting since the premiere of her album ‘Future Nostalgia’ in 2020, the singer Dua Lipa She is also known for exhibiting a statuesque figure that reflects both her discipline in the gym and her particular eating habits.

The British diva has now wanted to make a statement about this second section, on her way through the podcast ‘At Your Service’. The most curious detail that the vocalist has revealed about it is that does not eat any solid food after six in the eveningsince at that time your metabolism is not able to process food properly.

“I don’t eat anything since six in the evening… When I eat late, my body is not able to work well on it and it takes me longer to process the food,” Dua Lipa assured before revealing other of her tricks to stay hydrated and in top shape. “I drink a lot of water for my skin. I also take vitamins, a lot of omega 3. I feel like it really helps my skin,” he added.

As far as her hard-working and hyperactive character is concerned, the English interpreter has alluded to her Albanian heritage, and to one of the most popular sayings in the country, to acknowledge that she never goes to bed without a clear conscience when it comes to performance of their professional duties.

“There is a saying in Albania: ‘Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today.’ And I live for that. For me, my job is a 24-hour job, and if I’m happy with it, I know I’m in the right place”, she pointed out.

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