Due to increase in cases of monkeypox, WHO asks to take precautions

This Friday, July 1, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued an alert in Europe due to the worrying increase in cases of monkey pox; He asked the governments of all countries to take “urgent measures” to stop the figures, since the records indicate that infections tripled.

The regional director of the WHO in Europe, Hans Henri Kluge, said in a statement that it is necessary to take action on the matter to prevent the disease from becoming a pandemic.

“Urgent and coordinated action in broader geographic areas is imperative.”

In AmericanPost.News We announced that monkeypox circulates in the air, just like COVID-19, a virus that has become a pandemic since 2020.

Monkeypox is not yet a concern

Patients have skin lesions There are clear symptoms for the disease

In the statement, it was also explained that at the moment smallpox is not an international emergency, so there is still time to take measures and manage to counteract the number of infections at the international level.

The WHO has not declared the disease a global emergency, because that would mean that the UN considers it a dangerous outbreak and, consequently, “an extraordinary event” and that the virus could cross borders.

Specialists doubt that this declaration of emergency will help curb the contagion of monkeypox that is reported daily in Europe.

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How does monkeypox start?

There are clear symptoms for the disease

  • Headache
  • Fever
  • body aches
  • lymph nodes
  • Rash

The symptoms are clear, although some can be confused with those of COVID-19, for this reason, the authorities ask to be aware of any discomfort that resembles these and immediately go to a doctor.

Smallpox has caused fear internationally, and is among one of the diseases with few traces.

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