Due to the danger of the fire in the United States, they ask to evacuate the area

The authorities of USA have reported that firefighters continue fighting the fire at Lost Lake, located on the California-Arizona border13 kilometers southwest of Parker.

It has been indicated that due to the spread of the flames have begun to evacuate to all the residents of the Lost Lake resort, until the last report they had consumed 1925,494 hectares of green area.

According to official reports from the United States, at 1:00 p.m. this Friday, May 27, there had been contained 0% of the firetherefore resorted to the evacuation of people.

Details about the fire in the United States

Details about the fire in the country United States and weapons for Ukraine

Local media have disclosed that the cause of this considerable incident is in researchin addition to the fact that the number of damaged hectares would increase as that was less controllable.

They also reported that due to the fire they will have to close a part from US Highway 95between Agnes Wilson and Second Avenue, in the United States, evacuees are taken to a care site in Parker Community/Senior center.

United States weapons Ukraine

America and arms for Ukraine

It is reported that the government of USAis in preparation to reinforce the type of armament that will offer Ukrainewith the shipment of advanced long-range rocket launcher systems.

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