Due to tropical storm Ian, emergency declared in Florida

Due to the strengthening and the current trajectory of the tropical storm ianFlorida Governor Ron DeSantis stated state of emergency Well, it is expected that in the following days there will be heavy downpours and high-speed wind gusts due to the presence of this meteor.

Previously, the government of Florida issued an emergency order for two dozen counties on Friday, but it was expanded to the entire state, encouraging people and local authorities to prepare for a storm that could hit large sections of the state.

As reported in American Post NewsTropical Storm Ian is gaining strength as it continues its path through the Caribbean Sea, in fact, according to current weather forecasts, it could become a category hurricane this weekend.

Florida on alert for Tropical Storm Ian

Tropical Storm Ian strengthens in the Caribbean Ian could become a hurricane

Given this scenario, the Governor of Florida agreed that the tropical storm ian It can significantly affect this entity in the United States in the coming days, so he asked the population to be alert and stay informed of the evolution of this meteor.

It should be noted that the declaration of emergency releases funds and activates the members of the National Guard from Florida. It was specified that there is a risk of storm surge, flooding, dangerous winds and other conditions in different parts of the state, so it is necessary to be prepared to deal with these damages.

The current trajectory of Tropical Storm Ian indicates that it will first move through the Caribbean Sea until it hits Cubawhere it could weaken, however, it would continue its route towards the peninsula where Florida is located.

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Tropical Storm Ian affects NASA

Ian could become a hurricane

Tropical storm Ian caused NASA to again suspend the launch of the Artemis 1 lunar mission, which was scheduled to take place next Tuesday precisely in Florida.

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