Duel of pretty girls! Adamari López and Jacky Bracamontes have met prior to the premiere of ‘Así se baila’ and give a style chair

Adamari Lopez and Jacky Bracamontes has caused a stir among viewers of the morning “Today“They have been impressed with the great beauty of both, where they have looked regal in their dress.

About to premiere the new talent show of TelemundoThis is how you dance”This coming Sunday, both conductors had a pleasant talk about what to expect in this long-awaited premiere.

The first to appear during the broadcast was “Shorty”Spoiled who arrived in a tight white dress that revealed the thin almost translucent fabric that was spectacular, you can tell that she has been applied in her training sessions and her fans are very happy to see her achieve her goals.

For his part, Bracamontes wore a dress with a high neckline on the leg and some flights with poise and elegance, which drew sighs among those present and the admirers of the program, who have been impressed with his enormous charisma, personality and beauty.

In a video that the former Mexican beauty queen has shared in her Instagram stories, you can see how they greeted each other effusively behind the scenes, and both complimented each other as they were equally devastated, although some network users affirm that López She has overshadowed the native of Guadalajara with her body and fitted look.

The reactions have been sent to them by the fans and the battle is close, they have expressed: “Beautiful both“,”Finally a dress that looks on Adamari “, “Bella Jacky“,”Beautiful Adamari, spectacular“They have been only some of the messages by the users of the social network.

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