Dulce María confessed that she gave Kuno Becker a tongue kiss: “No one told me that it was not done”

Dulce María was born in Mexico City on December 6, 1985 (Photos: Instagram/@kunobp/@dulcemaria)

Sweet Maria He has participated in various programs Youtube in recent weeks where he has confessed more than one interesting fact about his professional and private life. Now the RBD He confessed that it was in the soap opera First Love… at 1000 x hour who gave his first kiss in front of the cameras by the hand of Kuno Becker but being a beginner stuck his tongue out causing him great sorrow.

The hit singer like Either you do it or I do it, Before seeing the sun or No longer he mentioned Karla Díaz on his show Pinky Promise How was the embarrassing scene in which the Mexican learned how kisses should be on television:

“The first time I had to kiss someone was in First Love… at 1000 x hour and it was with Kuno Becker. I had no idea how to kiss, so I asked the director what I think Pardo was […] I don’t know, I’ve never kissed in a novel, so ‘what do I do?’ and he tells me ‘no you come and kiss him’, but I say ‘just like normal?’ and he says ‘yes’ and well it was like ‘okay, okay, good’”; the also actress began to tell.

This is the waistband that Dulce María wears (Photo: Instagram/@dulcemaria)
Dulce María has 4 studio albums as a soloist (Photo: Instagram/@dulcemaria)

Everything became much more uncomfortable when he realized that he had done it wrong, not because of Kuno Becker himself, but because of all the production people who made him notice with gestures and looks that the famous “novel kisses” did not happen that way:

“I arrived and did it and I didn’t even realize until I saw it, that everyone was seeing that I had stuck out my tongue and really what a bear it gave me”, He expressed.

The also composer mentioned that after this uncomfortable scene she was so sorry that she did not want to leave her home, but reaffirmed that it was due to her inexperience and that no one advised her well before doing it, the reason why she gave him that kind of kiss the actor:

(Photo: Instagram @dulcemaria)
Dulce María began her career as an artist at the age of 5

“Obviously I never wanted to leave my house, I was dead with grief, because nobody told me that this was not done”, confessed the protagonist of soap operas like class 406, Summer of Love, very parents or the youth phenomenon Rebel (2004).

In the same program, Dulce María reported that during the time she was a member of Jeans, now known as JNS, during her first tour, her members asked her about very private aspects of her life, as if she had already had intimate relationships, to which she was forceful:

“It was something that makes me laugh a lot now. when I entered Jeans, which was before Rebel obviously, it was when I was going to turn 15 […] then one day that was, I think, the first as a tour that we had, they told me ‘well, now you are going to tell us…’ ha, ha, ha like that, the 4 sitting down,’now you are going to tell us if it was your first time‘ and so they said ‘go ahead, tell us’ and I don’t know how much”, he talked.

Karla Díaz and Dulce María (Photo: Instagram@dulcemaria/@karladiazof)
Karla Díaz and Dulce María were part of Jeans at the same time (Photo: [email protected]/@karladiazof)

The ex-redhead mentioned that she made it clear to them that this was not yet happening at that time and took the opportunity to “balcony” Karla Diaz -who is a member of JNS- about a secret he confessed to him at that time:

“I told them ‘it’s that not really yet‘ but that’s how they were telling me things and then I remember that there is something about Karlita that I couldn’t with the laughter that she told me: ‘I’m really going to tell you something, they already grabbed me a butt‘” the singer said with a laugh.


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