Dulce María opens the trunk of memories and reveals herself in a tempting mini skirt and crop top

In the midst of the commotion caused by the news of her return to the stage, the singer and actress Sweet Maria celebrated his new feat by opening the trunk of memories with a video of his time as a member of the group “RBD”.

Through her Instagram account, the interpreter of songs like “Sálvame” and “Este corazón” took on the task of publishing a video in which was seen with the characteristic look of ‘Roberta’ for the series “Rebelde”this while singing one of the most famous songs of the band.

The audiovisual, which belongs to the year 2004, shows a Dulce María wearing a little outfit that made the public sweat, since showed the impressive figure that made her one of the most acclaimed Mexican artists of that time.

It was about a hip denim mini skirt and a colorful crop top which was complemented by white gloves and heeled boots. “#TBT, do you remember?”, wrote the famous to accompany the publication.

It didn’t take long before his millions of followers showed their appreciation through thousands of likes and comments, among which compliments and occasional congratulations stood out for his return to the stage.

And it is that, on June 11, Dulce María returned to stand on the stage in front of thousands of people, this after joining the “2000s Pop Tour”.

It was an honor to return to the stage and share with all my talented colleaguescommitted, musicians, dedicated as a team, ”said the famous woman in a message shared through her Instagram profile.

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