Dutch Cyclist Mark Groeneveld Dies at Age 20 After Apparent Heart Attack During Race in Hong Kong

Mark Groeneveld becomes the latest in a series of cyclists with cardiac issues, following incidents with Wesley Kreder and Nathan Van Hooydonck

The professional cycling world is mourning the tragic death of 20-year-old Dutch cyclist Mark Groeneveld, who died suddenly on Monday, October 23rd, during a race in Hong Kong.

Groeneveld was a member of the continental cycling team X-Speed United. He had been competing in the Hong Kong Cyclothon race on Sunday before the incident occurred.

Details of Groeneveld’s death

Groeneveld’s team announced his passing in a statement on Tuesday on their Facebook page. According to the statement, preliminary information suggests Groeneveld may have died due to a heart attack while racing.

The team said they are working with authorities to investigate the circumstances around Groeneveld’s death and provide support to his family:

“It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of Mark Groeneveld while on a project in Hong Kong. On Monday, October 23rd, X-Speed United and the world lost another great soul. While the circumstances of Mark’s passing are currently under investigation, we have received preliminary information suggesting that it may have been due to a heart attack.”

Tributes to Groeneveld

In their statement, X-Speed United paid tribute to Groeneveld and offered condolences to his loved ones:

“Mark was an amazing guy and a beloved member of our team. He had a remarkable spirit, always willing to lend a hand behind the scenes with his infectious smile and warm nature. His presence brightened our days, and he will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege of knowing him.”

“Our sincere condolences to the family, team members and friends. We understand that this is a very difficult period and we offer to help if you need any assistance or emotional support. Your well-being is also important to us.”


Other figures from the cycling world have also expressed their sadness at the news of Groeneveld’s untimely death and paid tribute to his talent.

Heart health concerns in professional cycling

The sudden death of such a young athlete has renewed concerns about heart health and cardiac issues among professional cyclists.

While the exact cause of Groeneveld’s death is still under investigation, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular problems have claimed the lives of a concerning number of pro cyclists in recent years.

Some other recent examples include:

  • Cofidis rider Wesley Kreder – forced to end career after heart problems in 2022
  • Nathan Van Hooydonck – survived a heart attack while driving a car in September 2022

The strenuous cardiovascular demands of professional cycling are thought to contribute to a higher incidence of heart issues and arrhythmias among competitors. More research is needed to improve cardiac screening and preventative care for athletes.

What happens next?

Groeneveld’s team and local authorities will continue investigating the circumstances around the 20-year-old’s sudden death. His family, friends, and the wider cycling community will mourn the tragic loss of a talented young athlete.

The latest incident will likely intensify discussions about how to improve cardiac testing and emergency care for professional cyclists to prevent future tragedies. However, the sorrow at Groeneveld’s untimely passing will be felt deeply by all those who knew him.

Monday, October 23Authorities investigate the cause of death
Tuesday, October 24X-Speed United team announces death, suspected heart attack
In coming weeksAuthorities investigate the cause of death
In coming monthsGroeneveld’s death is likely to spur review of cyclist heart health policies