Dwayne Johnson explained why he urinates into a bottle during his workouts

As one of Hollywood’s most profitable action stars and a former WWE wrestler, much of his life Dwayne johnson takes place in the gym, to the point that he travels with his own – called Iron paradise– when you have to shoot away from home. However, if he is in Los Angeles, the actor prefers to go to one of the most famous bodybuilding centers in the city. These types of places are “sweaty, hot and dirty” spaces that are not exactly characterized by having first-rate facilities, and that’s when the old plastic bottles that you always have on hand come into play.

“That headline is true, but let me put it in context. I usually stay very hydrated during my workouts, or at least I try, and I have to go to the bathroom often. At least twice each time, so I have no choice but to use a bottle, “said Dwyane in an interview with Esquire.

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