Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson makes his cousin cry after giving her a house and a luxurious van

Dwayne Johnson surprised his cousin by giving her a beautiful house.

Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images

The Californian actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson50 years old, has taken advantage of this year to give great joy to the most important people in his life, such as his mother and his cousin, to whom he gave two beautiful houses. We already met her mother’s a few weeks agonow it was the turn of his cousin.

The former wrestler also shared a couple of videos on Instagram in which he showed the surprise he prepared for Tamina Snukawho is a single mother and WWE wrestler.

In the first of the materials, ‘The Rock’ is seen covering Tamina’s eyes shortly before entering her new house, which it draws attention because it is already furnished and ready to be inhabited.

“We love you very much, cousin. We are very proud of you. Welcome to your new home,” Dwayne Johnson told him shortly before uncovering his eyes.

As expected, Talina could not contain her emotions and was very moved by the great gift that her cousin, who has been by her side since they were children, gave her.

Although the video is short, we were able to see some details of the living room, the kitchen and the dining room, which are the rooms closest to the access door to the house.


Its kitchen is open and not very wide. It’s tiled with brown cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and a center island that doubles as a meal prep, but also serves as a breakfast nook for four.

Dinning room

Its dining room, which connects to the kitchen area, is made up of some paintings and a rectangular table with several gray chairs.

Living room

His living room is made up of gray sofas, a rug, side tables, a coffee table, a piece of furniture for his decorative items, some plants and a wall-mounted television.

In addition to surprising his cousin with a house, Dwayne Johnson wanted to take advantage of the inertia and also he gave him a luxury vanin which you can take your two little daughters for a walk, Milaneta and Maleatawho were the most excited about the new family car.

“My cousin is the true example of humility, hard work, breaking bad cycles and overcoming obstacles. Life as a fighter is very difficult and it is even more so for a woman who is a single mother and who tries to raise her little ones by being on tour practically all year round for so many years, ”reads a fragment of the description with which she accompanied his emotional video.

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