Earthquake of 5.6 magnitude shakes the north and center of Colombia

Around 7:50 in the morning this Wednesday, the inhabitants of municipalities in the south of Bolivarthe metropolitan area of Bucaramanga and of Medium Cupcakein Colombia, reported a severe tremor that was also felt in neighboring departments such as Antioquia.

According to the Colombian Geological System, the telluric movement was of magnitude 5.6 with an epicenter in Sana Rosa del Sur, department of Bolívar, and was 52 kilometers deep.

The risk management authorities of the 87 municipalities of Santander carry out a sweep of the area to ensure that there have been no structural damages or people affected by the strong earthquake. In Medellín there are reports via social networks of how the intense seconds that the earthquake lasted were experienced.

Earthquake movements reported on Twitter

Similarly, in Bucaramanga several Twitter users report the movements in their apartments due to the earthquake. “Very hard tremor in Bucaramanga, but very hard,” several residents reported. In Bucaramanga and Barrancabermeja it was reported that in various neighborhoods people left their homes for fear that it would collapse.

Colombia decriminalizes abortion

Earthquake of 5.6 magnitude shakes the north and center of Colombia.

Colombia’s Constitutional Court ruled Monday that undergoing an abortion is no longer a crime under Colombian law, a decision that paves the way for the procedure to be more accessible in a Catholic and traditionally conservative country.

AmericanPost.News reports that the ruling comes after years in which women across Latin America have organized to demand more protections and rights, including access to abortion, and after significant changes in the legal landscape in the region.

The Colombian court’s decision decriminalizes abortions in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy, and means that any woman should be able to seek the procedure from a health professional without fear of criminal prosecution. The ruling also creates the basis for the Colombian government to further regulate the process.

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