Ed Sheeran announces a future collaboration with Pokémon Go on his networks

Ed Sheeran poses with the Best Artist and Best Song award in the winners room during the MTV EMA 2021.

Photo: John Phillips / Getty Images

No doubt Pokemon go became one of the most popular games on both Android and iOS devices when it was released July 6, 2016. The great impact it had Pokémon Go in the video game industry it was enough to rank for ‘Best Mobile Game’ at the Game Developers Choice Awards and it also received the ‘Best App of the Year’ award from the TechCrunch website.

Although the game has already lost some of its validity and no longer receives those abysmal numbers of downloads as it did the first week when it was released, the truth is that that could change soon. Social networks collapsed with the tweet he published Ed Sheeran on his Twitter account, surprising all Internet users about an unexpected collaboration with Pokémon Go.

Ed Sheeran’s tweet has already exceeded 8,000 likes in just three hours of posting it on his Twitter. It is no secret to anyone that the British artist is one of the most influential and popular on the planet, so it is not to be expected that this possible I managed to get the attention of the video game brand created by Niantic and also the two-time winner of the MTV EMA 2021.

Notably Ed Sheeran is a huge fan of the Pokémon franchise, well, in an interview with the Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos At Nintendohill, the British artist revealed that his favorite Pokémon is Squirtle, and in addition, he also commented that he had a meeting with Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokémon, where he delivered a totally unknown letter, an event that could be revealed this Tuesday with the unexpected surprise of Ed Sheeran on his social networks.

Both Ed Sheeran and Pokémon Go plan to close this 2021 with a flourish, as this year it is the 25th anniversary of the video game saga and both have the purpose of offering totally innovative content in order to generate a large mass of users.

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