Ed Sheeran launches his first clothing collection, made with organic materials

Ed Sheeran.

Photo: Kate Green/Getty Images

As if their millions of album sales and lucrative world tours weren’t enough, singer Ed Sheeran has now launched into the world of fashion to show off its business versatility and, above all, its ecological awareness.

The music star partnered with the independent firm Lucy and Yak to market a series of garments and accessories made based on criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment. All the t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and overalls that will be made available to customers are made with 100% organic materials.

This line of colorful clothes and accessories will not hesitate long in storessince it is a collection capsule of very limited units whose design is inspired by the successful last album of the performer, equalsan album that the Englishman is promoting these days through numerous concerts held in stadiums that have already hung up the “no tickets” sign.

All the items in the collection are unisex and are made with the highest quality fabrics.. And above all, they perfectly fulfill the commitment that both Ed and his wife, Cherry Seabornhave always exhibited with the need to protect and care for the planet, as can be seen from the statement issued by the artist to publicize his first foray into this industry.

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