Ed Sheeran plans to gift a sculpture of a gigantic penis to Sam Smith

Ed Sheeran plans to gift a sculpture of a gigantic penis to Sam Smith

The singer Ed Sheeran He is on his way to becoming the typical “peculiar” friend who always gives the same gift to everyone he knows, even if it is not too useful or suitable for all tastes.

Recently Elton John revealed that the red-haired musician had surprised him on his 74th birthday with a gigantic sculpture of a virile member that he didn’t quite know what to do with. Her husband David furnish He forbade him to expose it in the garden because it did not seem appropriate that it should be in view of his 10 and 8 year old children or the children of the neighbors, so in the end the famous singer ended up finding a space for him in a little frequented room of his Mansion.

Now Ed is planning to hand over a very similar statue to another of his acquaintances, Sam smith, because he is convinced that he will hit the mark with that curious gift. “I have ordered another penis as big as a person for Sam because he saw one in my pub when he came to visit and said he would love to have one the same, so I bought him one of the same size,” he revealed the singer of “Bad habits” in the program Zoe ball on BBC Radio 2. For Sam’s sake, we hope you really liked that odd decorative item and that you weren’t just being nice when you made that comment.

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