Ed Sheeran’s controversial estate in England now has its own observatory

Ed Sheeran bought this mansion in 2012

Photo: Kate Green/Getty Images

Since the British singer Ed Sheeran bought in 2012 a piece of land in SuffolkEngland, has aimed to transform the place into a private city that only he and his close ones will enjoy.

His project has not been easy, since the constructions within his land have resulted in the displeasure of their neighbors.

In recent months there has been talk about the construction of a chapel, a project that was approved; Nevertheless permission was also requested to build a burial chamberwhich did not seem to please anyone in the area.

Despite the complications that Sheeran has had with his neighbors, he does not stop thinking of more spaces to add to the so-called ‘Sheeranville’.

Now, according to ‘The Sun’, the singer has an observatory in his own house which he likes to visit at night.

East observatory is located in a dome on the roof and it is equipped with everything necessary to observe the constellations, among the equipment is a high-end telescope.

Before building all this, the singer also tried to make an outdoor sauna, but the complaints were so many that he had to withdraw it.

Ed Sheeran’s estate is made up of five continuous parcels that the singer has purchased in recent years.

In addition to the observatory, the chapel and the burial chamber, this impressive property has a bar, swimming pool, whirlpool tub, orchard, walled orchard, greenhouses, underground cinema, gym, recording studio, billiards, pond, soccer field and a playground. for goats, chickens and sheep.

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