Eddy Reynoso reveals the secret of Canelo Álvarez’s only weakness

The Canelo Alvarez He was voted the best boxer of 2021, and after being unified as a super lightweight champion, many consider him invincible and that there is no weakness that his rivals can take advantage of.

However, this could not be further from the truth, because as strong as it may seem, Canelo does have a weakness, which is considered his Achilles heel by his own coach.

Coach Eddy Reynoso, with whom Canelo has shared almost 20 years of his life, revealed what is the only weakness that the Guadalajara has, which surprised his fans because no one expected that revelation.

Eddy Reynoso reveals Canelo Álvarez’s weakness

Canelo is not a fan of getting up early Canelo is in one of the best stages of his career

During an interview, the famous trainer revealed that since he met Saul Alvarez recognized what was his weakness, and has finally revealed, because it is about the dream, since el Achilles del Canelo’s heel is getting up early to train.

Although unfortunately for his rivals this weakness will not help them, because despite the fact that Canelo hates getting up early, he always keeps his word and gives everything during his training sessions, which paid off and now he was recognized as the best boxer of the year. by the World Boxing Council, one of the most important institutions in this sport.

Canelo Álvarez seeks to succeed in other categories

Canelo is in one of the best stages of his career

How we inform you in AmericanPost.News, It was recently revealed that Canelo is already looking for new categories to conquer, and now try his luck in the 177 poundsAfter his fight against Ilunga Makabu for the cruiserweight belt, he could stay in that category to beat more champions.

Currently the Canelo is the unified super lightweight championHe has beaten three undefeated champions and is the one with the best streak of the moment, so he considers it time to explore new terrain, although this will mean getting up earlier for his most intense workouts at this new weight.

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