Edén Muñoz writes song ‘Te Voy a Find’ in memory of Debanhi Escobar and other disappeared persons

The former singer of the group Caliber 50, Eden Munozwrote the song “Te Voy a Encontro” in memory of Debanhi Escobar and all the victims of femicide in Mexico.

“The case of Debanhi makes me too sensitive and the thousands of people who suffer the same”, wrote the singer-songwriter on his YouTube channel, along with a short animated video of the subject in question.

The only way I can express myself is with my music and today I dedicate this song to all those who long to find their loved ones and also to all those who long to be found.“.

A little over a day after it was posted, the clip has already exceeded 336,000 views, with encouraging comments and thanks to Muñoz for putting the feelings of various Mexican parents into music and lyrics.

“How much silence in the house, I still don’t hear from you. Nothing is the same my life, how I miss you. Follow your scent in the air, your things intact. I keep looking at your photos and I still don’t lose hope. It’s been hell this time, I dont know, I don’t know how to live if you’re not here“, says the song, musicalized only with guitar and trombone.

“I’m not going to give up, I promised you, I don’t lose faith, I want to be at peace. I keep looking for you, I will not rest, I swear on you. I will find you. I miss you my love, when we see each other again, we will rest.

listen to the theme here

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