Éder Militao would have sued his former partner and mother of his daughter, Karoline Lima, for defamation and would be asking for compensation

Photo: Julian Finney/Getty Images

The break between Éder Militao and the stunning influencer Karoline Lima took locals and strangers by surprise, especially since, on that occasion, they were about to have a child together. However, Lima would have confirmed it through her social networks, where she stated that the departure of the defense from Real Madrid had taken her by surprise and stressed that in the same way, her daughter would be something in common that would unite them and thus they would face the situation.

For his part, Militao decided to handle everything with prudence and discretion., limiting himself to deleting the videos and photos he had with the influencer on his social networks. Even though everyone thought that the breakup would have been friendly, the UOL Esporte medium recently revealed the opposite.

The suffering of Eder Militao

As reported by UOL Esporte, Real Madrid defender Éder Militao is being harassed by netizens and followers of Karoline Lima, who constantly insult him through his social networks. For the Brazilian today, the mother of his daughter is to blame for this situation.

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Said harassment is happening constantly and unexpectedly through Karol, who uses her account, through her profile and comments that are addressed directly to our client.. He exposes publications, videos, and stories with the sole purpose of wearing down the image of Éder, accompanied by a pejorative content speech, ”said Militao’s legal team in statements reviewed by Mundo Deportivo.

Eder Militao’s request

According to the same sources, the soccer player of the Brazilian National Team would be asking his ex-partner for compensation, the amount would be around $8,600 dollars an amount that both for the Real Madrid player may sound insignificant but would set a precedent between two people who have just become parents of an ordinary girl.