Edgar Oceransky: Querétaro withdraws support for Trovafest, organized by the musician

“As long as responsibilities are defined, the Trovafest brand will no longer be supported . We are a government that guarantees respect for women and minors”, Mayor Luis Bernardo Nava expressed through his social networks , in response to the case of Edgar Oceransky, singer-songwriter and organizer of said festival.

The Trovafest is based in Querétaro, and since its birth, in 2014, it has received support from the municipality of Querétaro through the area of ​​Culture and Tourism. 

And, although Oceransky had not presented himself to the Municipal Secretary of Culture to manage the possible realization of Trovafest 2022, Nava has already made public that he will no longer support the brand, until he determines responsibilities.

In his brief message, the official added that “culture, trova songs, dance and artistic expressions will continue in Querétaro.”

The same Municipality of Querétaro reported days ago the suspension of Edgar Oceransky’s concert, scheduled for last Saturday, in celebration of his 20-year career, at the Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez auditorium.

“Because it does not have all the requirements, as well as in solidarity with the women and with the children and adolescents who may have felt offended and/or upset by the accusations that arose against the person who would lead said show,” they detailed. in your post.

Trovafest was born in 2014, with an investment of 3 million pesos, which was managed through the Mexican Culture Commission of the Chamber of Deputies; and with this festival the massive concerts in Plaza Fundadores were inaugurated.

In the first edition, Edgar Oceransky said that trova is a genre that has not been lost, but its diffusion has been lost, which is why the initial objective of this festival was to bring together renowned singer-songwriters in Mexico and internationally.

At the invitation of the musician, singer-songwriters from Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Spain, Puerto Rico, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Colombia arrived, as renowned as Pablo Milanés, Francisco Céspedes, Fernando Delgadillo and Armando Manzanero. . 

In its first editions, Oceransky was questioned about the absence of the singer-songwriters, who were included even in the latest editions. In person, the festival reached up to 20 thousand people in one day. 

In 2019, the municipal president, Luis Nava, said that in coordination with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Edgar Oceransky, they would propose new options for the festival, one of them was “not to remove from the line that in future editions, it could be that of 2020, so that Silvio Rodríguez can set foot on Queretaro lands.” Although, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the festival was not held in 2020. 

Last year a TrovaFest 2021 was contemplated in person, they had even announced that some concerts would take place in the Santa María Bullring, but the same Ministry of Culture of the Municipality of Querétaro and Edgar, chose to create a totally virtual event, and It was made with an investment of four million, 993 thousand 680 pesos, waiting for more than 150 thousand spectators from all over the world.

Last week an audio was released in which the musician Edgar Oceransky allegedly confesses that he likes minors, which sparked a controversy in the midst of which three concerts by the musician have been canceled so far.