Edith González’s family mourned the death of Carmen Salinas

Carmen Salinas and Edith González worked together in “Aventurera” (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The death of Carmen Salinas placeholder image He shocked the entire entertainment industry in Mexico, as his successes in theater, film and television are undeniable. The actress passed away on December 9 at the age of 82 after spending almost a month in a hospital in Mexico City due to a stroke.

Faced with its decline, actors, producers, directors and hundreds of fans mourned the loss. Among those who drew attention were the actresses who starred in one of the most memorable stagings of their artistic career: Adventuress. This play came to the theater in 1997. The story is based on a tale by Álvaro Custodio, which had already been performed on the big screen with Ninón Seville.

One of the most remembered Adventurers is the deceased Edith gonzalez. Through the Instagram account, his relatives shared a photograph where the dancer is seen next to Carmen Salinas and took the opportunity to send a message of support to those close to the interpreter of “The Corcholata”.

(Photo: Instagram / @ edithgonzalezmx1)
(Photo: Instagram / @ edithgonzalezmx1)

“Edith González’s family: Constanza, Frida Ukume, Víctor Manuel and Lorenzo Lazo deeply regret the physical departure of Carmen Salinas, bastion of the vernacular expressions of our people. Your close ones receive our appreciation and solidarity. @ carmensalinas_56 ″, the publication reads.

Edith González passed away on June 13, 2019 after a tough fight against cancer.

On the other hand, Maribel Guardia, Itatí Cantoral and Niurka, actresses who also starred Adventuress, mourned the loss of Carmen Salinas.

(Capture: @ maribelguardia / instagram)
(Photo: Instagram / @ maribelguardia)

From your Instagram account, Maribel guard published a heartfelt message in honor of the late actress who shone at the Cine de Ficheras. The Costa Rican accompanied the text with a series of photographs where she recapitulated some moments and projects that she shared with Salinas, mainly when she played “Elena Tejero” in Adventuress.

Fly high my beloved, Carmelita. Thank you for all the love you gave me, for the fun talks, the memorable stories, the tears and the laughs. Thank you for standing up for me and for supporting me.. You stay in our hearts forever, ”he wrote.

Niurka Marcos He appeared in the project during 2002 giving life to the well-known character. The actress made her debut at Salón Los Ángeles alongside Carmelita Salinas and Alejandro Tommasi. After the sad news was made known, the Cuban uploaded a photo of the memory to her Instagram profile, where she can be seen next to the also impersonator. “Rest in warrior peace … Light for your spirit …”, he added.

(Capture: @ niurka.oficial / Instagram)
(Photo: Instagram/@niurka.oficial)

During the morning of Friday, December 10, Itatí Cantoral granted an interview for Today where she mourned the death of someone she came to consider as a mother because of the significant role she had in both her personal and professional life.

I really feel very sad, she was like my mother, she was the mother of all actressesOf all the people who are dedicated to this, she was a woman so full of love, so positive, so affectionate, she filled all the people she knew with love, she supported us ”, he declared.

The protagonist of Until the money do us part confessed that I hoped that the Coahuilense would wake up, but unfortunately that did not happen. However, she also commented that in a certain way she felt comforted because she knew that Salinas could finally be reunited with her deceased son, Pedro Plascencia.


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