Editorial of “Emma and the other ladies of the narco” will make millionaire payments for “false”

The book “Emma and the other narco ladies ” written by the journalist Anabel Hernandez, could force the largest publisher in the world to make millionaire payments for “false” since contains many errors and some of the written elements do not match or have no foundation, revealed the analyst Javier Tejado Dondé, winner of the 2001 National Journalism Prize.

The book was published by one of the largest and most prestigious publishing houses in the world, Penguin Random House, despite this the analyst assures that this book is “riddled with errors” as if it had not been reviewed.

It is important to note that in this book many personalities of the show are linked to drug trafficking and organized crime, which has sparked great controversy.

Among the people mentioned in the book “Emma and the other narco ladies” are: Marcela Rubiales, Galilea Montijo, Ninel Conde, Arleth Terán, Freddy and Germán Ortega, Elí Castro, Alejandra Guzmán, Zoyla Flor, Sergio Mayer and his wife Issabela Camil, Alicia Machado, Charly López, Silvia Irabien, Lucha Villa, Andrés García and Juan Gabriel, as well as criminal gangs such as El Recodo, Los Cadetes de Linares, Banda Limón and Torrente.

A “macho” book, full of errors and inconsistencies

Galilea Montijo was one of the famous victims Several errors have been detected in the book

But according to Javier Tejado, this is a sexist and misogynist book, where it is accused that “mothers, wives and lovers, women (all) are part of the ‘court’ of the drug traffickers and conform to the macho rules of their monarchs. Before them dance the dance of the seven veils on the corpses of the thousands who have been victims of the same men whom they delight with their presence in exchange for money, jewels and property. “

In the book “Emma and the other ladies of the narco” accusations are made against several famous women, but it is enough to read a single chapter to find multiple errors and inconsistencies. Regarding the chapter where it is mentioned Galilea Montijo the analyst found multiple claims that he claims are false and easy to prove that “they are inventions of the author.”

Javier Tejado detected several errors, among them he noted that the book indicates that the Galilea’s husband was a substitute in the Congress of Mexico City of a legislator who was investigated for “trafficking in women”, but the truth is that according to the minutes of the Electoral Institute of Mexico City, Fernando Reina (Galilea’s husband) He was never a regular legislator, or a substitute for anyone, never, in Mexico City.

Likewise, the book “Emma and the other ladies of the narco” assures that Montijo indicated that her husband was leaving as a substitute for deputy Tonatiuh González to the Congress of Mexico City, but although he is an alternate federal deputy, he is one of the federal confession, not from Mexico City and the owner of this is not Gonzáles, but Lázaro Jiménez.

On the other hand, the author of the book indicates that Galilea actively participated in the 2021 electoral campaign for the mayor of Morena, Ruth Olvera, and that she won reelection, but the truth is that Televisa does not allow any of its exclusive artists to do this type of action.In addition, the mayor did not actually win her re-election, making it clear once again that the book contains errors.

It should be noted that after all these accusations Galilea Montijo burst into tears and called for a halt to the attacks against him, as he assured that many elements written in the book are a lie.

According to the analyst Javier Tejado Dondé, with so many “errors, inaccuracies and falsehoods” the The author of the book and the publisher will have serious legal problems in Mexico. and in any other country where the copy is sold. It is expected that the first lawsuits for moral damage will appear soon, in addition, replica trials will be opened.

Tejado points out that “It is inexplicable how an international company, valued at more than three billion euros, exposed itself to such a high legal risk.”

Emma and the other narco ladies

Several errors have been detected in the book

The book “Emma and the other ladies of the narco” was written by the journalist Anabel Hernández, is from the Grijalbo publishing house of the Penguin Random House group. The book promises to be a journalistic journey of Hernández within the complex world of organized crime in Mexico, but it has sparked great controversy since it mentions multiple celebrities who are allegedly linked to drug trafficking.

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