Edson Álvarez “tied up” at Ajax in Amsterdam: the Mexican was chosen to pose with the new club shirt

Much has been said about the possible departure of Edson Álvarez from the Dutch team. Everything seemed to indicate that the right time would have come for the Mexican to make the leap to a club with more potential than his current Ajax Amsterdam. However, there are already signs that Manchester United and AC Milan were a couple of dreams for the Aztec.

There is nothing that commits a player more than use it as the image and banner of the club. Ajax Amsterdam used Edson Álvarez as one of the main models to show his main jersey for the 2022/2023 season.

Under these circumstances, the talented Aztec defender can be considered as one of the pieces of the backbone of this new Ajax. Without a doubt, this is a completely opposite situation to what was foreseen weeks ago when everything seemed to indicate that the Mexican would be one of the new faces of Serie A or the English Premier League.

Ajax without much change

After presenting the new shirt, it can be easily seen that This Adidas model does not bring big changes. This uniform is really very similar to last season and to the classic Ajax colours. The most noticeable changes are visible in the shield, now with red tones and the numbers in gold.

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