Edson Álvarez’s transfer to West Ham, a €40 million deal, with €8 million going to the Mexicans from Club América

Álvarez moves from Ajax to West Ham; América benefits financially. Past bids underscore the player's global soccer acclaim.
  1. Edson Álvarez’s transition from Ajax to West Ham marks a strategic move, bolstering the Hammers’ lineup for the upcoming season.
  2. América stands to gain significantly from Álvarez’s transfer, potentially reinvesting funds to address key player injuries and team gaps.
  3. Prior bids for Álvarez by renowned clubs like Chelsea and Dortmund showcase his rising prominence in international soccer.

Edson Álvarez’s time with Ajax has come to a close, as reports circulate that the Amsterdam-based team and West Ham United have arrived at a consensus. According to sources from The Athletic, the Hammers, and Ajax have come to a verbal agreement centered around a transfer fee of approximately 40 million euros, with additional bonuses for the Mexican standout.

Yet this transfer isn’t just a win for the two clubs involved. The arrival of Edson Álvarez at West Ham United is also being celebrated by América. The signing of the Mexican by the Hammers, amounting close to 40 million euros as per specialized journalists, includes a financial windfall for those from Coapa.

Álvarez is now set to journey to London, where he’ll undergo the requisite medical tests and finalize a five-year contract, marking his integration with the Premier League team.

A Financial Windfall for América

Delving deeper into América’s gains from this deal, information from Julio Rodríguez, an expert in tracking Mexican soccer players overseas, reveals that the Águilas hold 20 percent of the player’s rights. This translates to a neat sum of about 8 million euros.

This summer has been a busy one for West Ham. They made headlines by closing a €120 million deal, transferring Declan Rice to Arsenal. Álvarez’s acquisition comes on the heels of this major move, marking West Ham’s first signing of the season.

Previous offers for Álvarez have come and gone, leaving the Mexican at Ajax. Last season, Chelsea dangled a 50 million euro offer, which Ajax promptly declined. Borussia Dortmund presented a 35 million euro bid for Álvarez this summer, but Ajax remained steadfast in their refusal.

With the funds potentially coming their way, América is poised to bolster their team. The money might be instrumental in signing a striker, a much-needed role in the wake of Henry Martín’s injury. Reports from As suggest that the Azulcremas are in dire need of a striker. In addition to Henry’s injury, Jonathan Rodríguez is sidelined due to health reasons, and Brian Rodríguez is eyeing a position with Peñarol.

Álvarez, meanwhile, has been away from Ajax, enjoying a vacation following his participation and victory in the Gold Cup with the Mexican National Team. As he gears up for a new chapter in his career, West Ham is preparing to kick off the 2023-24 season against Bournemouth next Saturday, set for 8 a.m. Mexico City time.