Eduardo Capetillo Jr. explained the reason why he carries a weapon

Eduardo Capetillo Jr. with a weapon at the AICM Photo: Instagram / @ eduardocapetillog

Yesterday afternoon the eldest son of the Gaytán and Capetillo family was seen upon arrival at the Mexico City Airport after returning from Monterrey. after the first recording of his solo album, later the young interpreter was intercepted by an evening program, since a weapon of which its origin was unknown was seen next to him.

In an interview for the evening program of Imagen Televisión, First hand, the 27-year-old singer clarified the reasons for carrying your weapon and clarified that he believes in public safety, so he would never carry a pistol for personal defense.

“It is sports shooting, the subject is totally sports. From a very young age, there on the ranch, my grandfather taught me to shoot from a very young age, from a very young age, ”said Eduardo Capetillo’s eldest son.

Likewise, the interpreter showed his full confidence in the Mexican authorities: “I believe that you have to trust a lot in the public security of the country, The truth is that they do an excellent job there, I don’t think why we should speak ill of our country, on the contrary, ”he pointed out for the cameras of the evening show program.

Before leaving, Capetillo Jr. spoke out against all kinds of violence, hearing that, in the Mexican regional genre, the music with which he will debut soon, there is a lot of organized crime.

Violence is wrong, regardless of the group, violence is fatal, it is not justified by gender, age, or income, violence is wrong in any sense”, He asserted for First hand.

Eduardo Capetillo (Photo: Instagram @bibygaytan)

It should be noted that on December 17, the young Mexican spoke when he arrived at the AICM with various media and indicated that he was about to take a flight to the City of Monterrey. to be able to record his first solo album within the Mexican regional genre and stressed that it would be coming out in 2022.

Since November of this year, Capetillo Jr. showed his vocal heritage when, through social networks, showed his talent by interpreting The color of your eyes one of the most famous songs of the MS Band. In addition, in various interviews he has expressed his taste for music and composition.

But nevertheless, despite having a talent like his parents, who are former members of Timbiriche, the 27-year-old had not dared to enter the studio professionally, as he felt that it was not the time to compose and interpret.

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It should be remembered that during the red carpet of the “Who 50” awards of the famous Who Magazine, the son of Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán recognized, for various media, that he would like to transcend with his style and his genre.

“I feel that I bring it and my idea in doing this is always to put the name of Mexico in something, to exalt the country, to exalt the roots of Mexico of what we Mexicans are, hardworking and proud men and women, thrown forward with the desire to go out, speak well of our country, “he stressed on the red carpet at the awards of the Mexican magazine.

Also, during his birthday last August, his mother dedicated a message to him where she motivated him to follow his dreams and focus on his career without looking at the legacy his parents left: “Be brave. Be funny. Be your own magic. Live in the present. Never stop surprising yourself. Be adventurous. Be nice Be free. Be yourself […]”, Biby Gaytán pointed out on her Instagram account.


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