Eduardo Rodríguez assures that Ivonne Montero won ‘LCDLF2’ for “victimizing herself” and being a “single mother”

The actor Eduardo Rodríguez has been criticized on social networks after he expressed his opinion about what he thought was that his ex Ivonne Montero was the winner of $200,000 in ‘The House of Celebrities 2’, because many They have cataloged him as a “macho” man.

After announcing that the Mexican had been the great winner of this second season of the most famous Spanish-speaking reality show, several of the former participants who attended the special program last Monday spoke out, two of them being a bit conspicuous.

The actress Danielle Navarro preferred to just throw a kiss at the camera and not to comment on the winner of this season, because it was very evident that the treatment of both was getting worse lately.

The Mexican Eduardo Rodríguez revealed some short and precise words behind the scenes of Telemundo, and that is that he mentioned: “There will always be an advantage over single women. I would have really liked Toni to win and if it wasn’t Toni then Zerboni, but a woman wins again, a single mother. And victimizing herself is what she sells, it’s what has worked for her in life“, he expressed.

Rodríguez was the fourth eliminated from the second season and after his departure he took the opportunity to talk about the romance he had with his countrywoman, a fact that was never maintained as a formal relationship, as Ivonne stated that he always came and went. However, she noted that she fell in love with him.

Later, the actor from the soap opera ‘You had to be you’ explained that The love that came to live with the Venezuelan in the reality show was much more intense than with Monterowhile emphasizing that with the Mexican it was only about sexual encounters.

Navarro in recent days said about Ivonne: “She has been a manipulative woman, a liar, she victimized herself and grabbed that roleWe put it on a silver platter. I could have done it too because I’m a single mom, but I’ve always wanted my daughter to see me as a badass, not as a pitiful one.”

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