Eduardo Rodríguez is eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos 2

Eduardo Rodríguez is one of the most controversial characters of the Second Season of “La Casa de los Famosos”, since the native of San Luis Potosí, has earned a bad reputation within the famous Telemundo reality show.

Some fans of the Telemundo reality show apparently dislike the famous actor because of his statements against Ivonne Montero, one of the show’s darlings.

On the other hand, the actor Eduardo Rodríguez, inside “La Casa de los Famosos”, has shown himself to be an intolerant man and in these days of confinement has gotten into arguments with Niurka and other guests of the house.

What happened between Eduardo Rodríguez and the Cuban?

Controversy between Eduardo Rodríguez and Niurka

As the time of confinement passes, the situations become more tense among the inhabitants of the house. After the expulsion of Luis Caballero, ‘El Potro’, a problem over peanut butter caused the heated discussion between the Potosino and the Cuban.

The problem was started by Eduardo Rodríguez; The 48-year-old actor hid the peanut butter with his new conquest and blamed the blue team.

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Niurka gathered the inhabitants to talk about the theft of the food, but Rodríguez got upset and hit the kitchen table. Just as he stated that it was he who ate the cream and told them they did have a problem.

Niurka complained to Eduardo Rodríguez, just as she asked the actor not to be aggressive since it was not necessary to hit the table, much less to become so violent.

The audience criticized the actor’s behavior and did not downgrade him from a bad lout actor. Apparently, the actor from Potosí could be the next to leave La Casa de los Famosos.

They eliminate Eduardo Rodríguez from LCDLF”

It was recently announced that the famous actor Eduardo Rodríguez, who has generated various controversies with some of his companions on the reality show, has now been eliminated.

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It should be noted that according to specialized fan accounts in La Casa de los Famosos 2, the fans wanted Eduardo Rodríguez or Natalia Alcocer to be eliminated. Although it was thought that possibly the one who left the program was her, this Monday it has been revealed that the handsome actor was the one who left.