Eduardo Verástegui is compared to Paty Navidad for not getting vaccinated against COVID-19

Social networks did their thing, after turning into a trending topic the famous actress and model, Patricia Navidad after observing the controversial message that the actor posted on Twitter, Eduardo Verástegui, who again questioned the vaccine against Covid-19.

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Hundreds of Internet users returned to the topic of conversation Paty Navidad after Eduardo Verástegui launched a comment against the Covid-19 vaccine, as he assured that it has not been applied or will not be applied, as he continues to distrust the people who are behind them.

In this sense, the actor hinted that he doubts the efficacy of vaccines by confirming that “they seek to depopulate us” so he asked his followers to continue on alert to avoid being infected by the new Covid-19 coronavirus.

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“I have not ba-kunado nor am I going ba-kunar. I do not trust the people behind the vaccines … Very careful family, sober, alert and vigilant that the devil the adversary, walks like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. They want to depopulate us. Calm God in front ”, wrote the controversial actor.

Immediately after the message from Eduardo Verástegui went viral, users on social networks recalled that Paty Navidad has also remained firm in her opinion that she affirms that Covid-19 does not exist, despite the millions of deaths that have been registered throughout the world.

On more than one occasion, the protagonist of the telenovela “La fea más bella” and “Por amar sin ley” shared messages launching quite strong opinions about the deadly virus and the vaccines developed by different pharmaceutical companies.

After sharing multiple messages, Twitter and Instagram decided to suspend the accounts of Paty Navidad because they assured that she spread messages with false information.

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During the recording of the first season of MasterChef Celebrity México, Paty Navidad was one of the participants who tested positive for the deadly virus. The famous woman was absent from the recording for several days due to the complications she presented.

In an interview, the actress confessed that she received strong messages after testing positive, as Internet users questioned her opinion about the pandemic that has plagued the world since the end of 2019.