Eduardo Yáñez denounces fraud with false accounts in his name

A new controversy whips Eduardo Yanezactor known for melodramas such as “Fire in the Blood” and “Wild Heart”, well alerted his followers about a possible fraud through his social networks. Here we tell you the details!

Through his Instagram account, the famous histrion spoke about a user who uses his identity to ask his followers for money in exchange for alleged photos and videos.

Yáñez published a screenshot in which a conversation with a user named eduardoyanez_oficaiil is observed and in the description of the post he asks his fans not to be fooled by anyone.

This vivales keeps contacting my fans asking for money and photos, don’t be fooled. My account is confirmed with the blue tick. Thank you,” urged the actor.

However, this is not the first time that Eduardo Yáñez has spoken about this type of situation. In fact, he has shared his concern about people who try to supplant identities with false accounts, due to the issue of insecurity in Mexico.

It is unfortunate because there are people who do need it and sometimes go to one to ask for help in some way. and one therefore doubts that this person is really doing it because they need it or because of fraud, ”the actor declared a few months ago.

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