Eduardo Yáñez stays with the apartment of the deceased Ernesto Alonso after triumphant in the lawsuit

The actor Eduardo Yanez61, has had a very difficult few months on a personal and professional level, make it known that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Despite this sad news and the lack of leading roles, it’s not all bad news for the soap opera heartthrob, who in recent days received the reason in the lawsuit in which he was involved for an apartment that belonged to the late producer Ernesto Alonso and that it was her mother’s home until shortly before she was transferred to a nursing home.

According to the journalist Gil Barrera, the protagonist of ‘True Loves’ will now be able to turn the page and enjoy, as God intended, the apartment he bought outright a few years ago.

“I am able to confirm that Eduardo Yáñez won the first instance of the trial in which the ownership of an apartment that he bought from Ernesto Alonso is disputed. Although the case seemed lost, Yáñez trusted the lawyer Mariana Gutiérrez to recover the property,” the also director of TVyNovelas magazine posted on his Twitter account.

It should be remembered that a little over a year ago the nightmare began for Eduardo Yáñez, after he was sued by Teresa Eusebio Anaya Lópezthe heiress of Ernesto Alonso, who claimed possession of the apartment.

Despite the fact that everything indicated that she was right and that the protagonist of ‘Distilling Love’ had everything to lose, a forgery of signatures by the plaintiff caused the case to take an unexpected turn.

“The incident of annulment of proceedings due to forged signature is declared founded. Consequently, everything that has been done in this trial is declared null and void,” Judge Estorgio Martín Bartolomé determined.

The apartment in question is located in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, in the center of Mexico City.

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