Eduardo Yáñez will return to Televisa

The actor’s first telenovela was “The home that I stole” in 1981 (Photo: Instagram / @ membersalairetv)

After almost 4 years, Eduardo Yanez go back to soap operas from the hand of Televisa. The actor had his last participation in the series format melodrama No fear of the truth which aired in 2018, but only participated briefly as the president Emilio Lozada in a few chapters.

The great soap opera actor will give life to Octavio Sanchez in Warrior heart, a character that had not been revealed within the official cast of the melodrama in its official announcement in November, nor in the presentation of the calendar TelevisaUnivision 2022, so the role it will play in history is still a mystery.

The television program will be an adaptation of Argentine history Brave. Warrior heart It may be based on the synopsis of the original plot, it would revolve around the Guerrero brothers, who seek revenge on their father’s murderer by falling in love with their daughters. However, everything changes when feelings are transformed and true love is born -style Fire in the blood, where he participated as the protagonist.

Eduardo Yanez
His last participation in the company was in 2018 with “Without fear of the truth” (Photo: Instagram / @ eduardoyanezofc)

Eduardo Yáñez‘s return to soap operas may be very different from what his audience is used to seeing of him on television, because after several great scandals that his professional career has suffered, the casting of his projects has stopped giving him roles protagonists or simply to play the “good guy”, to start giving life to villains or characters who demand a strong personality as he has been associated lately.

At the beginning of December Eduardo Yáñez decided to enter the world of selling personalized greetings and thus get a little extra money: “For these very special dates that are approaching, birthdays, 15 years, weddings, fainting *, whatever sticks to them I want to, I can make a personalized video for you, ”said Yáñez.

Eduardo Yañez
Eduardo Yánez gained national fame with “El curse” in 1983 (ALEXANDER TAMARGO /)

Despite their good intentions, on social networks they did not stop cataloging this new format as “a mediocre process” of getting money since the costs are usually very high. The price that Eduardo Yáñez put on one of these audiovisuals is 2,514 Mexican pesos, in addition, to have an option of 14 thousand 665 pesos for a “book of advertising campaign or great event”.

People still do not stop relating the actor with his great “slap” to a reporter in the United States; That could be the reason why the greetings were not well received and also the television stations or entertainment companies that have requested his services have now pigeonholed him into antagonistic or “bad man” roles.

Eduardo Yanez
The actor has more than 30 films in his repertoire Photo: Instagram / @eduardoyanezofc

This production also marks the return of producer Salvador Mejía to the San Ángel television station, since his last production was In wild lands in 2017, a melodrama that after not achieving the expected success marked a long hiatus for his career. He is responsible for great classics for the company such as The usurper (1998), Rosalinda (1999), The stepmother (2005), Wild Heart (2009), Triumph of Love (2010), several of them contemplated by “Dream Factory”For the new versions that are being made in serial format.

The new bet of Televisa which is estimated to start recordings at the end of January, will enter the schedule of the The stars at 4:30 in the afternoon, since he currently has the melodrama Yes with you. The one in charge of starring will be Alejandra Espinoza, who debuted on San Ángel television with the latest version of Ruby. Other gallants and actresses of the small screen who will have a role in Warrior heart They are the Argentine Rodrigo Guirao, Cristian de la Campa, Sabine moussier Y Diego Olivera.


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