Eduin Caz and Nodal, where have they stood out as the most beautiful in music?

The list of the 50 most beautiful men of “People in Spanish”, which is divided into four segments. One of them is dedicated to the “beautiful ones of music” and two stars of the Mexican regional have been included there.

They are Eduin Caz and Christian Nodal, twentysomethings who have tried the honeys of success with their musicwhich has crossed the border, while they continue to add thousands and thousands of admirers on their social networks.

It should be noted that Eduin Caz has done it with Grupo Firme, a band from Tijuana that surprised with full houses at the Foro Sol in Mexico City and whose tours have become one of the most profitable live events in the United States.

Eduin Caz and Nodal are the most beautiful?

“People in Spanish” highlighted that success does not seem to make the father of two children dizzy, who in recent times has faced health problems.

Christian Nodal, only 23 years old, has done it with surprise collaborations that have made him a favorite. In addition, his sentimental bond with Belinda and his subsequent breakup led him to be in the media eye.

But that’s not all, “People” highlighted precisely the controversial issue of the love life of the singer of “Botella after bottle”. “Now I know that I should take care of him more [mi privacidad] and not to publish anything because it is the only time where you can be yourself”.

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