Eduin Caz apologizes to the fan he crushed during Grupo Firme’s Sueños 2023 Festival in Chicago

The leader of Grupo Firme spent a few minutes with the girl he crushed during his concert in the Windy City.

Last weekend, Grupo Firme closed with a flourish the Sueños 2023 Festival in Chicago, where they delighted thousands of fans who gathered that night to sing every one of the hits of the group formed in Tijuana.

As never before, Eduin Caz gave himself to his audience because he was so excited that the singer decided to perform a feat he had never thought of before. As if he were a “rockstar,” the leader of Grupo Firme jumped on his audience to be caught, but unfortunately, it was not so, and one of his fans was hurt, so the singer did not hesitate to apologize to her.

Eduin Caz apologizes to the fan he crushed.

It was through social networks that the young woman named Evelyn González shared some videos of the exact moment in which Eduin Caz fell on her. Because of this, the young woman who came to see her favorite group was attended by the medical group of the place.

In addition to being attended to immediately by the medical team, the affected young woman received an extraordinary visit. Eduin Caz spent a few minutes with the fan he crushed.

While Evelyn Gonzalez happily shared her videos where Eduin Caz is with her, some internet users claim that Grupo Firme’s leader’s visit was only to avoid any legal repercussions from the young woman.

However, in addition to having the gesture of going to see his fan at the infirmary and being with her for a few minutes, Eduin Caz also wrote on Evelyn’s social networks thanking her once again for the gesture of trying to catch him.

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot

Eduin Caz is in mourning.

It is worth mentioning that Eduin Caz‘s gesture with his fan has been very well taken not only by his followers but also by other users of social networks because they say that the leader of Grupo Firme does not leave aside his audience.

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It is also worth mentioning that the singer is going through a tough family situation since while he was triumphing in Chicago, his grandmother Tomasa was being watched over by her family in Culiacán.

Before presenting to the audience at the Sueños 2023 Festival, the song with which they would close their presentation, Eduin Caz shared that he was going through a very difficult moment in his personal life.

The leader of Grupo Firme announced in the middle of the stage of the Festival Sueños 2023 that he was in mourning because he had just found out that his grandmother Tomasa had just passed away.

“Just yesterday at dawn my grandmother passed away and I found out from other people because they had not told me because I am very sentimental and she is like my grandmother, the one I love the most, so I am sad but thank you very much for being here, I hope you have had a wonderful time…” said Eduin Caz.

Despite the sadness that invaded him that night, Eduin Caz gave himself as always to his audience and delighted the audience with each of his songs.

To close his show, Grupo Firme performed the song “Ya supérame,” and finally, the singer dedicated his performance that night to his grandmother: “I dedicate this concert to my mom Tomasa, who is in heaven right now…”.