Eduin Caz celebrates his 30th birthday with an unexpected retirement announcement

Eduin Caz, at 30, announces departure from Grupo Firme, citing personal reasons and emotional challenges, dispelling solo career rumors.

Eduin Caz, the talented Sinaloan singer, and frontman of the successful band Grupo Firme, celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday, July 30th, 2023, with an unexpected announcement. Through various stories and posts shared on his social media platforms, he was joyously marking another spring, yet his declaration of retirement from the music scene caught the public’s attention.

As he basked in the glow of his birthday concert in Costa Rica, he conveyed a profound message, revealing his decision to step away from the limelight indefinitely.

The artist, whose real name is Eduin Oswaldo Parra Cázarez, used this special performance abroad as an occasion to share his retirement news. “What a marvel to reach 30 years, with a spectacular audience and in another country, Costa Rica,” he stated.

His announcement was accompanied by photos and videos from the concert, where he was seen living it up, celebrating his 30 years in one of his most recent performances.

In his heartfelt Instagram post, Caz laid out the reasoning behind his decision. “I have often mentioned in my stories that I am about to leave, and it is no lie. I always had a goal, which has now been fulfilled, but that caused me to lose all my emotional stability,” he expressed.

This sentiment was mirrored in the post from Monday, July 31, where he emphasized, “I lost many things that are not going to return, and the truth is that I weigh everything I have lived, and sincerely things had to happen this way, but I think I need to start thinking about myself, to feel good with myself.”

Despite rumors suggesting that Caz might embark on a solo career, he swiftly dispelled such speculations, affirming that he has no plans to separate from the group. “It is not the end of Grupo Firme. I am not going to become a solo artist,” he asserted, reassuring fans that his departure would not spell the end for the beloved band. The group confirmed that they would continue their journey without their vocalist, and the last three scheduled international concert dates will be fulfilled before his farewell to avoid disappointing the audience.

Caz further announced that he would retreat from the stage after completing the three concert dates. “I’m just saying goodbye because, from what I see, I just have to fulfill the last 3 dates I have, and I’m going to recover my life. THANK YOU, FAMILY,” he said, without specifying whether this news is permanent or temporary.

Recently, he has shared social media messages reflecting his melancholy and farewell. On July 27, he wrote, “I will take all these memories with me. I am about to leave, and I hope you will always remember me as what I am and what I was, a good person.”

Beyond his poignant decision to leave music, Caz has faced various health complications, even undergoing surgery. Furthermore, this year, he announced his separation from his wife, Daisy Anahy, who is expecting a soon-to-be-born baby. Caz’s departure will leave a significant void in regional Mexican music, as his talent and charisma have captivated countless fans.

His unforgettable hits such as “Ya supérame”, “El Tóxico”, “Qué onda, perdida” and “Se fue la Pantera” will continue to echo in the memory of his followers.