Eduin Caz complained because his Ferrari uses a lot of gasoline; he prefers his Tsuru

Eduin Cazvocalist of Firm Group has achieved success due to his talent, because as a result of his effort and work he has given himself some luxuries such as a Ferrari in yellowbut in a video that went viral on social networks, he admitted one of the reasons why he does not use it so often.

And it is that, his followers have realized that one of the things that most fascinates the artist of 27 years old is to show off his car collection, although he made it clear that he prefers his Tsuru and that with 500 pesos he can fill the vehicle’s tank.

In the entertainment news we have shared with you the collection of cars owned by the Grupo Firme vocalist, but in a video on TikTok he appeared filling the gas tank of his Ferreri and acknowledged that the car spends more on gasoline.

Eduin Caz prefers to handle his Tsuru

In a video they shared on Twitter, the artist can be seen filling his tank in a Chevron gasoline parking lot and expressed: “The only bad thing is that I eat gasoline, that’s why I don’t take it out. Nothing to do with the Tsuru, the Tsuru 500 weights and a full tank”.

It is worth mentioning that Grupo Firme has raised more money per concert, which allows the singer to lead a life of luxury, since he also has his clothing line, several vehicles, and a seafood restaurant in Medellín, Colombia.

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How much did Eduin Caz weigh?

The drastic physical change of the Grupo Firme vocalist

We remember that for a few months, the singer Eduin Daz and the group chose a fitness life, because when he started his first challenge he weighed 85 kilograms, but over time he has lost weight and has managed to tone his body.

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