Despite the separation, Eduin Caz and Daisy Anahy come together for their son, Gerardito’s 8th birthday celebration

Despite public split, shared moments hint at the resilience of their bond and a possible rekindling of Caz and Anahy's love story.

Since Eduin Caz and Daisy Anahy announced their separation, thousands of people who closely followed their relationship expressed that it was time to stop believing in love, but despite several speculations about the alleged reasons that led them to abandon their marriage, after several months of announcing the sad news the celebrities show that they are still together and have good communication.

Among the latest videos that have been leaked, we can see how Eduin Caz and Daisy Anahy met once again for the 8th birthday of their eldest son Gerardito. The celebrities are together with the little boy who celebrated with a “Harry Potter” themed party and a big cake of the character.

Besides noticing the big smile of the little one for having the family together, it is also seen how the vocalist of Grupo Firme hugs his ex-wife and says something in her ear. After the images were released, Internet users quickly asked them to resume their relationship. They also said that Daisy Anahy looks better than ever, as it is known that she just had her third child.

They also accompanied the child on his end of school year. IG/eduincaz
They also accompanied the child at the end of the school year. IG/eduincaz

Eduin Caz and Daisy are back together?

It should be remembered that it was Eduin Caz who made it known publicly that he was no longer with the girl who sustained an 8-year marriage, but that he was still making his fight to retake all the love they once swore to each other, then also stated in several interviews that they no longer live together and that he saw further away the possibility of returning.

There were rumors about infidelities on the part of the grupero that Daisy allegedly no longer wanted to endure. She was the one who asked the Regional Mexican star to leave their marriage aside and better separate. However, several important moments were leaked in which they were seen together, acts that confused people, who did not know if it was true or just a product of publicity.

Now it is known that everything was true and Eduin Caz decided to erase the tattoo he had on his neck that said “ANAHY,” the name of the one who, until a few months ago, was presumed to be the love of his life. Another thing that was said about his intimacy is that the singer was so affected that he resorted to parties and alcohol to heal his wounds.