Eduin Caz Denounces “Gossip Nonsense” Amidst Talk of a Weekend With Trans Influencer “La Mal Portada”

Daniela Casas, also known as La Mal Portada, thanks supporters via Instagram as she faces public scrutiny following rumors of an affair with Eduin Caz.

In an episode that has caught public attention, Eduin Caz, a well-known singer, fiercely confronted speculations that he had been romantically involved with Daniela Casas Martinez, a trans influencer better known as “La Mal Portada.”

The allegations surfaced from a conversation leak on social media, which American Post News traced back to TV Notas magazine as the original source.

Breaking the Silence

Taking to his own social platforms, Eduin Caz chose to address the rumors swirling around him finally. Initially stating that he was “laughing” at the whole ordeal, Caz soon posted a more assertive message.

Eduin Caz
Caz denies affair with trans influencer Mal Portada.

“Stop bothering me with this gossip nonsense. I’m busy looking for ways to help my people in Acapulco. Thank you,” the singer declared.

The Influencer Speaks Up

Not to be left out, “La Mal Portada” took to her Instagram to express gratitude for the support she has garnered amidst the public scrutiny. She also made it clear that she intends to discuss the subject in a live broadcast, although she hasn’t yet provided further details.

A History of Similar Incidents

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Eduin Caz finds himself linked to a trans individual through conversations that somehow find their way onto social media platforms.

Grupo Firme
Eduin Caz announced his temporary retirement from Grupo Firme.

An Unrelated Hiatus: Eduin Caz and Grupo Firme

In a separate but interesting development, Eduin Caz has announced a temporary hiatus from Grupo Firme. This decision comes a few months after his divorce from Daisy Anahy and a subsequent medical diagnosis of Barret’s esophagus. The singer clarified that the hiatus is aimed at focusing on his health and family.

The confluence of these developments paints a complex picture for the singer as he navigates both his personal and public life. Whether or not future details will emerge regarding either story remains to be seen.