Eduin Caz opens up about past infidelity on Valentine’s Day with his wife, Daisy Anahy

Eduin Caz, singer of Grupo Firme, confesses his past infidelity and expresses his love for wife Daisy Anahy on Valentine's Day.

Eduin Caz, 28, tries to be as transparent as possible in the eyes of his fans, so this February 14, he expressed love to his wife but also reminded her that their relationship is not perfect.

And it is well known that Eduin Caz has had one or two stumbles in a marriage with Daisy Anahy, also 29 years old.

The singer Grupo Firme, Eduin Caz, has been unfaithful a few times, cheating that was uncovered because the lovers made it public on social networks ….

Aware that his past cannot be erased, much less on the Internet, the vocalist of Grupo Firme alluded to his mistakes in the love message he dedicated to the woman of his life.

Daisy Anahy and her husband Eduin Caz
Daisy Anahy and her husband, Eduin Caz (@eduincaz / Instagram)

Eduin Caz dedicates a loving message to his wife

Through his Instagram stories, Eduin Caz quotes, “Already at the time I asked you for forgiveness for my past, now I just live in the present and if you don’t want to be in the future, I will understand.”

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Eduin Caz dedicates a loving message to his wife (@eduincaz / Instagram)

He later shared a photo of his wife’s hand holding his to make it clear that they are together through thick and thin.

But also to show off the gift he gave her for the Day of Love and Friendship, nothing less than a pair of red and blue diamond bracelets.

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Eduin Caz and his wife show off their gifts for the Day of Love and Friendship (@eduincaz / Instagram)

They also shared a brief video of their romantic date. The couple escaped to a beach.

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Eduin Caz unfaithful

In 2021, Eduin Caz admitted to having been unfaithful to Daisy Anahy after a video of him with another woman in bed was leaked on social networks.

At the time, the singer assured that his wife knew about the cheating and that the video emerged because they tried to extort him.

This did not surprise his followers since, in the past, the singer was also accused of infidelity since another woman aired his extramarital affair and suddenly shut up, so it was said that the artist paid her very well to stop.

His marital situation went from bad to worse, up to the point of having to endure rumors of separation between the two.

As if that wasn’t enough, days before February 14, the leader of Grupo Firme was once again at the center of the controversy when a woman revealed to have been involved with him and even claimed to have photos and audio that proved it.

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Eduin Caz (Eduin Caz Instagram @eduincaz)