Eduin Caz’s private jet: the million-dollar custom red airplane added to his collection of luxuries

Eduin Caz, the vocalist of Grupo Firme, shows off his newly acquired, fully customized private jet in red. The 28-year-old singer bought the aircraft in mid-2022 for approximately 2.5 million dollars and is known for flaunting his wealth, which includes a collection of cars, properties, and fashion items. With a fortune estimated at 42 million pesos, Eduin continues to dream big and strives for more success.

Grupo Firme is one of the regional Mexican groups that enjoy great fame both in Mexico and the United States, something that has allowed its vocalist, Eduin Caz, to make a great fortune with which he surrounds himself with luxuries. This time he showed off the stunning private jet he recently bought, which is fully customized, with a color equal to one of his most prized items.

Through his Instagram account on Tuesday, March 7, the singer of “En tu perra vida” shared a series of photographs in which he shows off his most recent acquisition, a private jet in red that matches another of his favorite vehicles, as well as his attire, which is also part of important fashion houses.

Eduin Caz shows off his new private jet. Photo: IG @eduincaz
Eduin Caz shows off his new private jet. Photo: IG @eduincaz

The 28-year-old singer bought the aircraft in mid-2022 and shared some details of its renovation through social networks, but until Tuesday, he showed the project concluded. Although he has not given details, it was reported that he bought it in the United States at an approximate cost of 2.5 million dollars.

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Thank you for so much love, family. This achievement is yours too. When you see a little red dot in the sky, know that it’s me,” is the message shared by the singer in his Instagram stories, and along with the postcards, he added: “Dreams that are fulfilled and, first God, I’m going for a few more.”

Eduin Caz buys his own private jet. Photo: IG @eduincaz
Eduin Caz buys his private jet. Photo: IG @eduincaz

Eduin Caz Fortune

The voice of “Ya supérame” does not hesitate to show through social networks with his more than 7 million followers some of the luxuries he surrounds himself with thanks to the fortune he has achieved with each of his presentations for which, according to the AP news agency, he charges up to 2.3 million dollars.

Grupo Firme has also been at the top of the popularity charts, so, in total, the singer’s fortune is around 42 million pesos. In addition, he is a partner in some businesses, such as the seafood restaurant called “El Sinaloense,” located in Colombia, from which he also earns income.

In addition to clothes, travel, and properties, Eduin Caz owns a stunning collection of cars -including the red model that matches his private jet- whose cost is 2 million dollars. As proof that money is not a problem for the singer, especially when it comes to his family, he rented a helicopter to celebrate his sixth anniversary with Daisy Anahy, with whom he is now separating.

This is Eduin Caz's private jet, totally personalized. Photo: IG @eduincaz
This is Eduin Caz’s private jet, totally personalized. Photo: IG @eduincaz